• 18 Powerful Ingredients. 1 Amazing Serum. Studies have shown that combining different types of antioxidants works better than any single ingredient. This carefully blended 100% all natural serum is a synergistic blend of nutrient-rich phytonutrients packed with a broad range of free radical-fighting antioxidants and skin-nourishing essential fatty acids (critical for renewing your skin barrier) to help your skin rejuvenate and renew itself. Your skin will love it. Featuring two of Nature’s skin superstars 8% Rosehip and 6% Sea Buckthorn. How to Use: Apply 5-10 drops to cleansed and toned skin morning and night. Gently pat or massage in and allow to absorb before applying makeup. For best results, apply directly onto clean skin - under cosmetics and moisturizers. Avoid excess sun exposure. Always wear sunscreen.
  • Time to get crazy for coconuts! Nature’s multitasking miracle. Premium pure coconut oil works as a sheer moisturizer, a scalp and hair conditioner, a lip balm, a makeup remover, you can even shave with it. The results are beautiful. This is the highest quality coconut for your skin. Pure, organic, virgin coconut oil cold expeller-press extracted so no worries about hexane or other chemicals sneaking in. It is creamy white at room temperature and easily melts into a clear liquid when applied. Smells lightly of coconut. You might be tempted to eat it but save it for your skin. How to Use: For body, warm in hands and massage liquid coconut oil into skin. For deep conditioning, warm in hands massage into hair and scalp. Wait 30 minutes and rinse with warm water.  

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